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Mixin’ Sixes

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Mixin’ Sixes


Grab a copy of Mixin’ Sixes, the card game everyone’s raving about. Say hello to your new favorite Game Night card game!


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Product Description

About Mixin’ Sixes

Frequently described as “UNO with attitude,” a game of Mixin’ Sixes   consists of 6 rounds, and each player is dealt 10 cards per round. Cards can be a combination of positive cards (1 through 6), negative cards (-1  through -3), and special Action Cards.

​Mix and match your cards to create as many 6-point hands as possible each turn with the ultimate goal of playing all your cards and catching other players with points. Lowest score after six rounds wins!

But of course, it can’t be that easy. Utilize a cast of ridiculous Action Card characters to both help create 6-point hands and to block other players from going out before you. Each round becomes a back-and-forth, back-stabbing slugfest as each player fights to be the first one to play all their cards and catch everyone else with points!


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